Wikipedia tag cloud


This is my first attempt at a Wikipedia tag cloud, a set of keywords ordered by subject. I probably will also dump other articles (not Wikipedia) here:

ScienceDaily article dump:

Computer related tag cloud:

Assorted links:


The Matrix : Awareness, Human, Humanity (virtue), Joke, Fallacy, Music, Dance, House music, Coffee, Food, Job, Health, Cat, Internet troll, Combat, Mental disorder, Hair, Plastic, Champion, Benefit, Tequila, Man, Woman, Romance (love), Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Barbecue, Mukbang, Bacon, Steak, Pork, Abdomen, Cash, Legend, Memory, Clothing, Knowledge, Capital punishment, Teleportation, Infomercial, Disagreement, Prostitution, Stupidity, Lie, Spite (sentiment), Meatloaf, Onion, Self-defense, Military, Defence mechanism, Psychological projection, Senate, Republican Party (United States), Democratic Party (United States), Passive-aggressive behavior, Sense, Embarrassment, Depression (mood), Diatribe, Social norm, Pathetic fallacy, Bottle, Anus, Blood, Cancer, Lung, Award, Year, Harassment, Human sexual activity, Shoe, Hand, Foot, Song, Horse, Death, Heaven, Scene (filmmaking), South America, Tunnel warfare, Sky, Area,

Incoming ScienceDaily : Supermassive black hole, Dark matter, Universe; Antibody, Virus, Public health, Workplace, School, Vaccine, Analytics, Company, Commercial, Laboratory, Policy, Polymerase chain reaction, Clinical trial, Research, Pandemic; Sleep, Emotion, Study, Transposon tagging, Visual cortex, Neuron, Stimulus, Brain; Milky Way, Planet, Ocean, Continent, Earth, Venus, Mars, Carbon, Extraterrestrial life, Computer simulation, Spectroscopy; Quantum, Quantum operation, Quantum computing, Atom, Wave, Matter, Laser, Superposition, Interference, Quantum state, Computational complexity of mathematical operations, Perseverance (rover), Astrobiology, Life on Mars, Car, Science, Life, Spacecraft, Instrument, Astronaut,

ICT Tags : Surveillance capitalism, Cybercrime, Ransomware, BlackArch, Kali Linux, The Tor Project, 2020 United States federal government data breach, Cyberinfrastructure, Software-defined networking, Microsoft Azure, Web tracking, HTTP cookie, Web browser, Responsive web design, Single-page application, WebSocket, Video card, DevOps, Search engine optimization, Hardware acceleration, Bits of Freedom, Amnesty International, Open source, JSON, API, Cryptocurrency, Apache HTTP Server, Roaming, Mozilla, Google, Facebook, Advertising, Privacy, Datagram Transport Layer Security, WebRTC, Video decoder, React (JavaScript library), CSS, Select (SQL), XML, Kubernetes, Tensor Processing Unit, Software deployment, Human factors and ergonomics, Cloud gaming, Load balancing (computing), Cloud computing, Cloud storage, Packet switching, Concurrency (computer science), Kotlin (programming language), Gradle, Apache Maven, Software bug, Computational complexity theory, JavaScript, Document Object Model, Python (programming language), Go (programming language), Lisp (programming language), R (programming language), Haskell (programming language), Google Chrome, Android (operating system), DigitalOcean, Newspaper, Magazine, Democracy, Web developer, Session (computer science), Solution stack,