Hi all! Welcome to my blog. My name is Bert, and I’m going to, well, write about whatever I like… I’m a techie, so I’ll blog about that. You can contact me via the info on this page. I’m also interested in society and its structures, psychology, yoga and health, or maybe some other topic that’s been hot on the web, or just web history.. We’ll see whatever comes up..

On the web

Safe websurfing habits

Guest blogging

If you want, you are welcome to guest blog (anonymously) on this site, or be an anonymous source. Just send an email.

To blog here, we know our bloggers rights, and use our own words. Articles and comments can be deleted, but not changed, if they are not non-violent, telling lies, are not your own words, sexually weird or otherwise defective.

Legal, privacy policy, etc.

This is my attempt at ‘Privacy Policy Page’… In the land of I-don’t-know, you are probably 50% correct… just email me if something legal bothers you. To my knowledge this site does not use tracking cookies, just cookies that enable the site to function properly. 🙈

The GDPR focuses on ensuring that users know, understand, and consent to the data collected about them.

This means that you should know that this site remembers the email address with the comment. Users that have a login have email, probably the ‘real’ name and the hashed password. This information is not shared with any third party for commercial or other purposes. (note to self: blog article)

I also don’t do statistics on page views or ip addresses. I’m using wordpress, and have looked at plugins that do statistics but… meh. I settled with Jetpack, which does some tracking I believe. But I’m still playing with it. It works great with the WP android app, so that’s a big plus. Here is a blurp from jetpack on their privacy statement.