No, you’re not waking up, you’re just moving to a new SD color

The title says it all in this short blurp. If you don’t know Spiral Dynamics (SD), it’s a theory of human developent on the consciousness scale (more or less, and mostly statistical, sociological).

I’ve transitioned from blue to orange years ago, buzzing around in orange for a while, and starting to go from orange to green. What strikes me as the same in both experience is the feeling to ‘wake up to reality’, and ‘experience a big shift, also in other people’. If you change from belief system A to system B, you are going to encounter new people from B, so it just seems everybody is B now.. well no, there are still lot’s of A people.

The waking up to reality in a new perspective is awesome.. 😀 This ‘expansion’ is why we would want to move up the spiral, but it’s just you, moving up the spiral, it’s not that reality changed or something, or became less relevant. It’s just you experiencing more of the good bits of it.

Ok, bye.

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